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General Resources

Click to Download Clergy Minimum Compensation Schedule | details compensation of clergy
Click to Download Electronic Resources for the Church Treasurer | list of accounting software, resource links
Click to Download End of Year Checklist for Church Treasurers | reminder of the details
Click to Download Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Diocesan Finances | details diocesan finances
Click to download... Health Insurance Rates | details of policies, premium for health, dental, vision
Click to open... Information for Churches and Religious Organizations (portal page) | IRS information
Click to Download Manual of Business Methods in Church Affairs | details on bookeeping
Click to Download Supply Clergy List and Rates | compensating and reimbursing supply clergy

Employment Forms & IRS Publications

Click to open... Form I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification | required to be on file for all employees
Click to Download Form W-4 | lay employee withholding or clergy voluntary withholding
Click to Download Form W-9 | SSN of clergy (non-withholding) and non-employees (supply clergy)
Click to Download Notice 1340, Tax-Exempt Organizations and Raffle Prizes | details for not violating tax exempt status
Click to Download Publication 15, Circular E, Employer's Tax Guide | payroll guidance galore
Click to Download Publication 15-A, Employer's Supplemental Tax Guide | more payroll guidance
Click to Download Publication 526, Charitable Contributions | rules for keeping track
Click to Download Publication 557, Tax-Exempt Status for Your Organization | explains how not to violate tax exempt status
Click to Download Publication 1771, Charitable Organizations Substantiation and Disclosure Requirements | details for compliance
Click to Download Publication 1779, Independent Contractor or Employee . . . | determining how to pay
Click to Download Publication 1828, Tax Guide for Churches and Religious Organizations | tax-exempt details for churches
Click to Download Publication 4573, Group Exemptions | explains tax-exempt part of the Episcopal Church

Parochial Report

Click to open... Parochial Report General Information and Forms | forms, workbooks, instructions)
Click to open... Studying Your Congregation and Community | applying data from present and past
Click to Download Why do the Parochial Report? | how the parochial report is used


Click to open website. Clergy Pension Plan Information (portal)
New Assignment Notice Form, Report Change in a Cleric's Duties/Compensation Form, Guide to Benefits under the Clergy Pension Plan, Reference for Pension Administrators
Click to open website. Lay Pension Plan Information (portal)
Defined Contribution Plans, Defined Benefit Plans
Click to Download Enrolling Lay Employees in the Church Pension Fund
Click to Download Lay Employee Pensions Policy | explains eligibility, who pays


Click to download... Discretionary Fund Policy
Click to Download Finance Policies for Congregations | review of of actions to take
Click to Download Health Insurance | explains eligibility, who pays
Click to Download Lay Employee Pensions | explains eligibility, who pays
Click to Download Records Management for Congregations Manual | explains what needs to keep, how long


Click to Download Cash and Funds Statement | following transactions
CLick to download PDF file... Church Treasurer Job Description
Click to Download Counting Sheet | taking care of assets coming in
Click to open... Gift Acknowledgement |IRS language to include on gift acknowledgements
Click to Download Housing Allowance Resolution | exluding housing from a cleric's taxable income
Click to Download Income and Expense Statement | categorizing cash flow 
CLick to download PDF file... Job Description Church Treasurer, Sample | guidance for understanding the position

Tax Information

Click to open... Tax Resources for Clergy | details on benefit, guidance for record keeping
Click to Download Federal Reporting Requirements for Episcopal Churches| summary of actions for being in compliance with federal laws
Click to Download Tax Exempt Group Exemption Letter Example | "Letter of Determination" of tax exempt status by the IRS
Click to Download Tax Exempt Status (Group Exemption) | IRS Publication 4573 explains tax exemption


Click to Download Form WT-4 | Employee’s Withholding Exemption Certificate / New Hire Reporting
Click to Download Form S-211 | Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate Form

For additional information, contact the Diocesan Office at (920) 830-8866 or diofdl@diofdl.org