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Education for Ministry (EfM)

Contact: Deacon Rodger Patience, Coordinator dcnpatience@gmail.com
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Education for Ministry (EfM) is a four-year course of study in the Bible (Old and New Testaments), church history, and theological reflection for lay persons. The seminar group is the nucleus of the program, consisting of six to twelve participants and a trained mentor, meeting weekly over a nine-month academic year. These meetings are usually two and half to three hours in length.

Across the Episcopal Church there are about 8,000 students enrolled in EfM every year. In the Diocese of Fond du Lac, there are nine mentors serving six seminar groups. There is opportunity for new EfM seminar groups to form in other congregations. For more detailed program information, visit efm.sewanee.edu.

Annual tuition is about $350 with enrollment made directly through EfM mentors. Scholarship assistance is available. To discover a group or mentor in your area, contact Deacon Rodger Patience. Also contact Dcn. Rodger if there is interest in forming a group at your congregation or if there you are interested in becoming an EfM Mentor.

Diocese of Fond du Lac Groups & Mentors 2015-16

  • Door County, Day/time and location TBD
    Joanne Skidmore joanneskidmore@prodigy.net
  • De Pere St. Anne’s, Mondays at 5 pm
    David Annis david.annis@gmail.com or (920) 429-2764
  • Menasha St. Thomas, Sundays at 12:30 pm; Monday or Wednesday eve TBD
    Dcn. Rodger Patience dcnpatience@gmail.com or (262) 215-2641
    Lisa Ueda lm_ueda@yahoo.com or (920) 427-3129
  • Minocqua St. Matthias, Day/time TBD
    Kathy Knobel kmdknobel@gmail.com or (715) 891-2898
    Jane Trotter jane.trotter@gmail.com or (312) 543-9262
  • Oshkosh Trinity, Mondays at 6 pm; second group TBD
    Cathy Cowling ccowling254@gmail.com or (920) 231-2666
  • Plymouth, Mondays at 5:30 pm, Tuesdays at 9 am; location TBD
    Barb Drewry-Zimmerman bzimmy@excel.net or (920) 893-5189
  • Waupaca St. Mark’s, Thursdays at 4 pm
    Dcn. Bruce McCallum dcnbruce@higent.com or (715) 258-5816
    Pastor Mary Trainor pastormaryt@gmail.com or (715) 252-4816
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