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Church Periodical Club (CPC)

Contact: Karen D. Powers, Diocesan Director kpowers1@new.rr.com

CPC Sunday is
Sunday, May 1st, 2016

For additional information, contact: Karen D. Powers
CPC Diocesan Director
2520 Witzel Avenue, Apt 315, Oshkosh, WI 54904-6416
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Monthly Designations

Every congregation is encouraged to hold a monthly collection for the Church Periodical Club.
Designated gifts can be sent to the Diocesan Office with "CPC" in the memo.

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Fond du Lac Seminarians
Fond du Lac CPC
Miles of Pennies (Children's ministries)
National Books Fund Grants
National Books Fund Grants
National Books Fund Grants
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Fond du Lac Seminarians
Miles of Pennies (Children's ministries)
Fond du Lac CPC
Fond du Lac Seminarians
Miles of Pennies (Children's ministries)
Fond du Lac CPC
Changing the World One Book at a Time!
Over the last several years, Diocesan CPC has contributed over $3,000
to diocesan seminarians for them to purchase books!

Church Periodical Club

  • Founded 1888, Church of the Holy Communion, New York City.
  • Independent, affiliated organization of the Episcopal Church
  • Only Episcopal Church organization dedicated solely to providing both religious and secular literature and related materials without charge to those who need and request them and cannot obtain them otherwise
The need for printed materials
  • Books, periodicals, computer software, audio-visual materials and other printed tools are needed to spread the Good News, encourage literacy, provide good literature, supply essential tools to teachers, clergy, technicians, doctors, missionaries, seminarians, train leaders and nurture a fuller life

Do you have CPC in your congregation?

  • Contact the CPC Diocesan Director, Karen D. Powers. She offers training.
  • Seek support of your Rector/Vicar, ECW and other members.
  • Order CPC promotional and interpretive materials to assist you and to distribute at churchperiodical.com
  • Become a dues paying memberand recieve the CPC newsletter, The Quarterly.
  • Use your Sunday bulletin and newsletter to tell the CPC story and make CPC more visible .
  • Investigate local community needs/requests for reading materials.
  • Find the method suitable to your congregation for raising funds.
  • Observe CPC Sunday. Ask Karen D. Powers for a "How To". Celebrate in some way, even if you cannot take a special offering
  • Select a CPC project and begin!

Possible Projects for Congregation

For used materials in good condition

  • Give to the homebound
  • Provide for a local hospital (general, mental, V.A.) or nursing home
  • Donate to day care centers, schools, students or libraries

For purchasing materials

  • Newspaper or magazine subscriptions for institutions, clergy or church workers
  • Home-town papers for students away at school
  • Up to date books for needy libraries— parishes, missions, community reading rooms
  • Devotional material for prayer groups or the home bound
  • Educational materials for seminarians, needy students, prisoners
  • Textbooks for remedial reading programs and adult education classes
  • Large print material for the poorly sighted
  • Material for the blind and the deaf

National Books Fund (NBF)

CPC reviews grant requests for books and publications from all over the world, especially for seminarians. Some funds are sent to seminaries to be used by seminarians that do not have a strong CPC presence from their home diocese. We currently do not have a strong CPC presence in this diocese, so our seminarians possibly benefit directly from this fund.

Miles of Pennies (MOP)

Begun in 1989, this separate fund is for childrenīs material only ~ birth to grade 12. CPC often makes grants to replace Sunday School materials lost or destroyed in disasters. Encourage your parishes to put out penny collection jars: a mile in pennies adds up to $844.80.

CPC Funds for Diocesan Seminarians

Sending a contribution to the Diocese for the Church Periodical Club enables us to send checks directly to diocesan seminarian to be used for books. In the past few years we've provided over $3,000 in assistance! Special thanks to those who contribute during the Diocesan Convention.

CPC Support for Diocesan Materials

Help get the word to people in the pews. Gifts in this area will be used to expand the circle of knowledge about CPC throughout our diocese to increase the gifts to the various CPC ministries.

Always use CPC Bookplates when you donate items

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