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Vestry Resources

Episcopal Church Foundation Webinars

A wide range of topics are available for online learning, including planned giving, capital campaigns, vestry leadership, vision and planning, parish finances, stewardship, endowments, communications, and leading change.

To see what upcoming online webinars are available, click here.

Prayer Resources

Listing of cycles of prayer for public worship or daily devotions for the Church, the world and the diocese.

Lectionary page provides a liturgical calendar with links to lessons.

The Daily Office provides full text and scripture each day for daily devotions for those on the go.

Documents, Forms and Other Publications | a variety of items to assist in manging the congregation.
Click to download PDF file....Annual Meeting Checklist | an important list to help prepare for what needs to be done each year.
Click to DownloadSabbatical Guidelines For Clergy And Congregations | preparing for the time away to benefit both priest and people.

Sample Vestry Job Descriptions

Vestry Members
Senior Warden
Junior Warden

Lead Learn


Read themed articles
relating to congregational vitality



Find practical resources
to meet congregational challenges

Recorded Diocesan Webinars

Vestry Member Primer
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60 minutes

Basic governance of organization of the Episcopal Church, membership, role and responsibility of the Vestry, duties, and avenues of support.

Wardens' Primer
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45 minutes

Shared leadership of wardens, responsibilties and duties, and what to do without a priest.

Clerk Primer
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30 minutes

Covers purpose,
responsibilities and duties of the Clerk of a Vestry.

Parochial Report, Financial
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80 minutes

Details on the 2014 Episcopal Church Parochial Report, focusing on Page 3, stewardship and finances.

Church Treasuer

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45 minutes

Examines the role of the Church Treasurer. Provides the context for church finance, tax-exempt status.

Church Treasuer
Assets Coming in & Going Out
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85 minutes

Examines assets coming in and going out from a congregation How approved? Recorded? Tracked? Reported? Verified?

Church Treasuer
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100 minutes

Examines complexities of payroll, especially for clergy. Who are employees? Independent contractors? What forms need to be filed? Do we pay social security?.

Church Treasuer
Assets Sitting Around
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80 minutes

Examines proper handling of assets held by the congregation, including petty cash, cash accounts and investments. How should these be recorded? Tracked? Reported?


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